“I’d like to send you an invitation,” spilled from her mouth!

Anyone who read my blog on Tuesday got a strange combination of very specific and very vague information.  As I mentioned, I was doing that on purpose, so thank you for bearing with me, I will now reveal what I was trying not to.  I was only being vague because nothing was set in stone, and I didn’t want to get my hopes up too much by writing it out on the blog.

So this is what happened.  During the emails exchanged with my Placement Specialist on Tuesday morning, she told me that it might be a few more weeks before she had a chance to look at my application and do the final review.  I asked her then if she thought I might be placed in April through June or July through August, letting her know that I had some clients that were asking, and I’m no longer on my parent’s health insurance.  After a few minutes, she sent me an email saying that she doesn’t normally do this, but she was going to try and speed up my final assessment, and asked me what my availability is for Thursday and Friday.  I’m not joking, I started shaking right there, I was not expecting that at all!  And it was super cool that she sped up the final review, too.  My application had been sitting on her desk for almost 4 months, so I think I’ve been pretty patient.  After letting her know what my availability was, radio silence until 7:39 am this morning when the much anticipated “(202)” number showed up on my phone.  Actually, I thought at first it might be someone else, because I was expecting her to send me an email with a specific time.  Peace Corps apparently doesn’t operate like the rest of DC with set schedules and the like.

The call lasted for about 40 minutes, and she asked me a lot of the same things I was asked in the original interview, as many other PCJ’s have reported.  We also talked about the 20/20 Special, which I hadn’t watched because I spend a lot of time researching media bias and sensationalism.  She actually seemed to appreciate this, and told me that one of the things that PC is being accused of, mainly not talking about the security situation and the agency’s openness, is blatantly false.  Apparently the PC director sat down with ABC and talked to them for 2 and a half hours about the situation, and only 2.5 minutes made it into the show.  You can go into quite a bit of depth in 2.5 hours, and frankly, I’ve never really trusted ABC News as far as I can throw them.  Anyways, she gave me a lot great info, then the words I’d been hoping to hear:

“Well, I’d like to send you an invitation!”  She didn’t know it, but I totally did a happy dance with her on the phone!  I am over the moon excited right now!!  She told me I’m being invited to serve in Sub-Sahara Africa doing NGO Advising leaving May 23rd!!  So, besides the departure date, my nomination has held.  I’m stoked, really flipping stoked!!

My original nomination was for April, which could only mean Botswana.  Now, with a little Internet sleuthing, I think I’m heading to Ethiopia.  Dude.  Dude.  Seriously.  Birthplace of coffee.  <- It’s like the most amazing thing I could ever think of _ever_!!!  My Handpresso will be right at home in Ethiopia!!  Now I need to find out more about the country besides that, lol!

I should get the invitation in the next 5-7 business days!  I feel so happy and relieved right now!  I think the best part is… not stalking my inbox anymore.  Seriously that was getting really tiring, lol!  Now I just have to wait for the invitation to come!  This doesn’t really bother me, as I know things are moving, and I know when I’m leaving.  I can get a lot of stuff done without it.  Sigh… Yay!

Now off to some Ethiopian food with Craig to celebrate!

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4 Responses to “I’d like to send you an invitation,” spilled from her mouth!

  1. Lew says:

    Congratulations and best wishes!
    I have been following your progress because I have been waiting for an invitation since the first week of December when I was told my file was being sent to a placement officer.
    Thank you for posting the steps you have taken along with a nice blending of your time line and your rationale for the steps that you took.

  2. Heidi says:

    CONGRATULATIONS! That is beyond exciting. I’m so happy that even after the long wait that you get to leave along your original time line

    ^That’s my happy dance for you^.

  3. newsbooking says:

    H All, thank you for your congratulations! Lew, I was looking over your site after you posted on here. It does seem like you’re having a lot of the same issues I was having. While talking to my placement officer, I was _told_ that they are very open to communication with the applicants and volunteers. She didn’t pussy foot or hint around it, she straight up told me that I or any other person going through this process has any questions or concerns to feel free and contact them. I know, it seems really strange because a lot of communication from the placement office is terse and full of reminders for patience, but I got the impression that this is due to the fact that there are a lot of moving parts at that stage of the game and in no way reflects negatively on you personally (even if it feels that way). I would say give your placement officer a call just to see what’s going on. I always find phone calls to be better because you can read tone of voice a lot better and shape your first impression on the person easier. Other than that, yeah, it’s this awful waiting game, but once you get through that and finally get told you’re receiving an invitation, things get a lot less anxious. Good luck!! I feel your pain 100%!! It will be over, I promise!

    Heidi, thank you! Lol, I like your happy dance, that rocks!! The final placement is a little outside my original nomination, but at this point I honestly didn’t want to pack my life away in three weeks, even if Tija promised to help me do it. Lol, played that game moving out to Seattle, don’t really feel like doing it again. Two months is perfect, it gives me the time I need to get everything squared away I think. And how are you doing, you’re heading off to Rwanda soon, too right?

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