And the Invite Goes to…

ETHIOPIA!!!  Just like I thought.  I will be serving as a Health Organization Development volunteer leaving on May 23rd.  Ho man, there’s a lot to sink in…  This is equal parts exciting, scary and releving all at once!  I don’t really know what to do with myself right now.  Part of me wants to kick back, relax with a nice beer and find a documentury about Ethiopia on Netflix.  The other part of me wants to dive head first into the paperwork.  I don’t know why, but I can’t stand having unfinished paperwork lying around.  I like checking boxes, I guess?  Craig is off at a soccer game, so no dancing around for joy with him, but it’s all good.  There’s so much reading and research to do now!  And I should probably find that packing list.

Actually, I’m more interested in heady stuff, I’ve got several weeks to think about packing, and can’t do anything about it right now, so I might as well do research.  Wow.  BIRTHPLACE OF COFFEE HERE I COME!!


Maybe in a week it’ll all sink in that I’m actually leaving…

Oh, and I sent my acceptance email.  I actually found the Ethiopia Welcome Book online over the weekend and was reading it without knowing that I would be required to.  So I get a head-start on all the stuff I need to read before accepting the invitation!  Yay to that, too!

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6 Responses to And the Invite Goes to…

  1. Heidi says:

    CONGRATULATIONS! Finally! I’m so glad your patience paid off and wish all the best with the roller coaster of emotions that come with an invitation.

  2. Tija says:

    HOOOOOOOORAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *hugs* I am so so so so happy for you!!!! African Roadtrip 2012 HERE WE COME!!!!

  3. newsbooking says:

    Heidi, thank you! And thank you for keeping up with me! How’s the packing and preparing for Rwanda going?

    Tija, thank you awesome lady!! It may not be Botswana, but it gives both of us another excuse to go road tripping! And when you get your permanent address, let me know, you’ll start getting coffee care packages!!

    Yay for all of us!!! ^_^

  4. Heidi says:

    It’s going I guess. I’ve got 2 of my 3 bags figured out and am trying to decide if I should get a netbook to bring or not. The ‘road show’ as I like to call it starts this weekend with a trip to Seattle.

    How are you feeling about the information overload?

  5. Katie says:

    Hey congrats on the invite! I saw your comment on my blog and I checked out that shipment estimator and it said it should be here by the end of the day Tuesday which would be FANTASTIC since I am leaving on vacation the next day! Thanks for the awesome tip! Congrats again!

  6. newsbooking says:

    Heidi, I hope you had a good trip to Seattle! I got totally swamped, I really meant to say we should catch up if you had a free hour or so. I’m up on Capitol Hill. I’m sure you’ll get it all figured out, this seems like the most stressful but least important part of going out there. I don’t know, a lot of folks seem to say they feel happy with what they brought.

    Info overload hasn’t hit me yet. I move too often, I don’t think it’ll really hit me until about 2 weeks before I’m supposed to ship out… though I don’t see this as a blessing cause I inevitably scramble like a mad woman when this happens, lol!

    Katie, glad I could help, and congrats to you too!! Can’t wait to find out where you’ll be placed and what you’ll be doing!! It’s so exciting!! ^_^ And perfect timing with the arrival of the invitation! At least is wont be sitting on your doorstep! ^_^ Yay!!

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